Sask. government announces COVID-19 support and measures

The Saskatchewan government announces measures to support individuals, families, communities and businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


May 2021

  • Announcement of plan to further ease visitor restrictions in long-term care and personal care homes. Read more

April 2021

  • Extension of the Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment program. Read more
  • Easing of visitor restrictions in long-term care homes. Read more

March 2021 

  • Nearly $19 million for licensed child care centres and homes to help offset additional expenses incurred during the pandemic. Read more 

February 2021

No updates.

January 2021

No updates.

December 2020 

  • Child care facilities receiving nearly $2 million for COVID-19 safety measures. Read more

November 2020 

  • Emergency shelters receive additional support for pandemic response. Read more
  • New phase of temporary wage supplement program introduced to support those caring for seniors. Read more

October 2020  

No updates.

September 2020

No updates.

August 2020

  • Saskatchewan outlines available resources for the return to school. Read more

July 2020

  • Further expansion of temporary wage supplement program. Read more

June 2020

  • Updated visitation regulations for long-term care homes. Read more
  • Temporary wage supplement program being expanded to include more workers. Read more
  • New temporary training program to help businesses train employees to enhance safety protocols and adjust business models as they re-open. Read more
  • Extension of supports for youth transitioning out of care. Read more

May 2020

  • Emergency support program for Saskatchewan small businesses extended. Read more
  • Applications now open for temporary wage supplement for lower-income workers at essential care facilities. Read more 
  • Additional respite funding of $1.125 million for caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities. Read more

April 2020

  • Mental health supports for Saskatchewan residents. Read more
  • Up to $1.5 million in emergency financial aid available to help at-risk post-secondary students. Read more
  • New $50 million Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment. Read more
  • Announcement of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan. Read more
  • Child care accessibility expanded as of May 4 for working parents. Read more
  • Workers helping vulnerable citizens through the pandemic will have their salaries topped up by a cost-shared $400 per month temporary wage supplement. Read more

March 2020

  • Amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act ensure employees have access to job protected leaves during a public health emergency. Read more
  • Saskatchewan declares state of emergency. Read more
  • The Saskatchewan government repurposes child care facilities in schools to provide childcare services to support staff in health care and other employees delivering services related to the pandemic response. Read more
  • The Saskatchewan government announces financial support plan for employers and employees. Read more

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