Que. government announces COVID-19 support and measures

The Quebec government announces measures to support individuals, families, communities and businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


May 2021

No updates.

April 2021

No updates.

March 2021

No updates.

February 2021

No updates.

January 2021

  • Additional federal funding of $39.8 million to support the homelessness sector’s response to COVID-19. Read more
  • Additional federal funding of $39.8 million to support the homelessness sector’s response to COVID-19. Read more

December 2020 

No updates.

November 2020 

  • $7.5 million in federal funding to further protect Quebec farm workers during COVID-19. Read more

October 2020  

  • $25 million to support youth mental health services. Read more  
  •  $137 million in federal support for Quebec’s child care sector to help ensure that safe and sufficient child care spaces are available to support parents’ gradual return to work. Read more 

September 2020

  • $2 million in emergency financial assistance to support community organizations helping at-risk and vulnerable populations. Read more
  • $2.3 billion in financial assistance for municipalities to offset COVID-19-related revenue losses and expenditures. Read more

August 2020

  • Emergency financial assistance of $17.6 million to enhance mental health services. Read more
  • 12-week extension of the employer contribution credit to the Health Services Fund for employees on paid leave. Read more
  • Introduction of measures to support return to school. Read more
  • New immigration program grants permanent status to asylum seekers who provided health care during the pandemic. Read more
  • $70 million in emergency aid for self-financing community organizations. Read more

July 2020

  • The Quebec government announces they will not extend essential workers retention incentive. Read more

June 2020

  • $71.3 million to support businesses and organizations in Quebec’s rural communities. Read more
  • Quebec enhances Canada’s emergency assistance program for commercial rent by $140 million. Read more
  • More than $71.5 million in housing assistance. Read more
  • $400 million in emergency assistance for public transit. Read more 
  • $175,000 for a study on the effects of the pandemic on community organizations. Read more

May 2020

  • $31 million toward mental health action plan. Read more
  • $14 million to support psychological health of health care and social workers. Read more
  • Additional $50 million in grants for businesses. Read more
  • Solidarity tax credit payments to continue until September 2020. Read more
  • Day camps to open June 22. Read more
  • Increase of $50 million toward supporting businesses. Read more

April 2020

  • $20 million in additional funding for community organizations. Read more
  • $1.3 million to support food self-sufficiency. Read more
  • $45 million to support the recruitment of agricultural workers. Read more
  • A clinical exposure bonus of 8% will be paid to health personnel who work directly with people with COVID-19. Read more
  • Additional $150 million to help small and medium-sized businesses. Read more
  • Low-income workers in essential sectors will receive $100 per week. Read more
  • Bonuses will be paid to staff working in various private environments for seniors. Read more
  • Emergency financial assistance of $500,000 for Tel-jeunes. Read more
  • Additional funding of over $21.4 million in support for those experiencing/at-risk of homelessness. Read more
  • $3 million in emergency funding for long-term care addiction treatment centres. Read more
  • $5 million in emergency assistance to support community organizations. Read more
  • Schools and child care services to reopen gradually and on a non-compulsory basis from May 11. Read more

March 2020

  • SAQ donates $1 million to Food Banks of Quebec. Read more
  • Quebec government aligns with federal government measures including extension of income tax returns. Read more
  • Six-month respite for people with student loan debt. Read more
  • Emergency child care remain open to support health, social and essential workers. Read more
  • Emergency financial assistance of $2 million granted to the Food Banks of Quebec. Read more
  • Additional $2.5 million to support victims of violence. Read more
  • Emergency childcare remains open and free until May 1. Read more
  • New measures support businesses by deferring QST payments and accelerated payments of tax credits. Read more
  • Accommodation of health care workers who wish to interrupt or postpone their parental leave in order to participate in the pandemic response. Read more
  • Emergency assistance totalling more than $133 million in housing resources for seniors and vulnerable citizens. Read more

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