Nvt. government announces COVID-19 support and measures

The Nunavut government announces measures to support individuals, families, communities and businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


May 2021

No updates.

April 2021

No updates.

March 2021

No updates.

February 2021

No updates.

January 2021

No updates.

December 2020 

No updates.

November 2020 

  • $19.36 million in federal funding to support the Nunavut government, Inuit communities and Inuit organizations in their response to the pandemic. Read more

October 2020  

  • Over $12.5 million in top-up Safe Restart federal funding for Nunavut. Read more  
  • Over $1.1 million in federal funding to improve food security for residents throughout Nunavut facing the social, economic and health impacts of the pandemic. Read more 

September 2020

  • Over $2.5 million in relief and recovery funds for 46 businesses in Nunavut. Read more

August 2020

No updates.

July 2020

No updates.

June 2020

  • One-time tax-free payments for seniors who receive either the OAS or GIS. Read more

May 2020

  • Nunavut government now accepting applications for the Summer Student Employment Equity Program. Read more
  • Nunavut government outlines several measures to support child care facilities and workers. Read more
  • Nunavut government outlines support and resources for those experiencing violence. Read more
  • Nunavut government highlights availability of Family Abuse Intervention Act (FAIA) line. Read more

April 2020

  • Additional $2 million to municipalities to cover expenses related to COVID-19. Read more

March 2020

  • Nunavut declares state of public health emergency, travel ban implemented. Read more
  • Adjusted family services, including Community Social Service Workers (CSSW), are on “Emergency on call.” Read more

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